Sharp Field Depth of Field Calculator

The Depth of Field Calculator is used, in video and film production, for working out how much of a shot is in focus.

After typing in some camera settings into the calculator, like aperture and focal length, it will supply you with two distances. The nearest distance from the camera that is in focus and the furthest distance that is in focus.

The calculator, which is primary designed for film and video cameras rather than for stills cameras, is an application for mobile phones which I developed over the years working as a cameraman. It's has been calibrated for use on some commonly used video cameras like HDCam camcorders, Sony EX3s, the Panasonic HVX200, Black Magic cinema, Digital Bolex and the Red One and Epic.

Some features include: There is some instructions included in the calculator. If you've used any type of depth of field calculator before, this one shouldn't prove too much trouble to get to grips with.

This Depth of Field Calculator works on Android and iPhone mobile phones. If you work in the film or television industry, you know you shouldn't even have your phone switched on during a shoot but, with the phone turned to offline or flight mode, this calculator has proved useful for quickly working out how problematic the focus is going to be for a particular shot.

Just explain to the assistant director that you're not playing a mobile phone game!