White Balance Color Calculator

White balance is an application for photographers and cinematographers. Given some lighting and camera information, it recommends lighting gels or camera filters to be used. It also incorporates a memory function, so the color of lights, walls or the sun can be recorded and reproduced at a later date.

The primary reason it was written was to record and correct color casts from mixed light sources. Of course, video cameras have a white balance facility to remove any color casts from the picture. But, as a lighting cameraman, I've found things get trickier when mixed sources are used in the same shot. Straight tungsten and daylight mixes present no problems.

But other types of lighting present issues:

So presented with a scene lit with a mix of the above sources you might find you have a some color casts you can't white balance away.

The primary function of this application is to use the phone camera to measure the color cast of light and recommend lighting gels to use to render the light as white. Allowing the user to correct any unwanted casts.

You can specify what gels and filters you have available, so it won't recommend ones you don't have.

The application can also be used as a color temperature meter and can be used to recommend camera filters to use to correct color casts. It can also be used for generally remembering colors.